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Doug & Holly's wedding

Bride and Groom


This 4th of July marked by nephew’s wedding. We held the weeding at my mother’s home on the Toogoodoo river. The imminent threat of a hurricane made it a bit exciting at the last minute, but Arthur stayed away¬†from the SC coast and left us with a beautiful, but rather warm, day. The family dynamics of preparing for the event were¬†most interesting. Mom was concerned with all of the details since it was at her home. Months of yard preparation ensued, and I think she will totally enjoy it once all of the out of town guests flee the scene.

The activity in the few days prior to the wedding was like an anthill near a pile of cracker crumbs! Everyone was scurrying around. I was decorating cupcakes, the bride’s family was setting up tents and tables, the groom’s mother was posting signs, and we were all decorating the yard. Once the service began, everything went off without a hitch. Everything was beautiful and mostly calm!

The party after the 5 pm service was a 4th of July picnic. It lasted until 11 pm and included the priest throwing a cast net to show all of the out of state kids a bit of what lives in the river, fireworks, and finally a hot air Wish Lantern in memory of the bride’s mother. I think it took all of us a couple of weeks to unwind, but the memories will live on! Next wedding 12/13/14!



Wedding Cake


Beginning of Ceremony



Wedding Party



Yard before wedding