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Estate Sales vs. Garage Sales


I hate  to shop! I know, that’s really odd for a woman, but I just can’t stand looking for just the right dress or shoes for an occasion, wandering from store to store, finding everything but what I need. I often just go online, purchase what I need, and wait for it to arrive on my doorstep. That said, I love to dig through estate sales, yard sales, thrift shops, and consignment stores. There’s something about getting a great deal on someone else’s cast-offs that really appeals to me. This summer, I have been hitting the Estate Sales on Friday and the Garage Sales on Saturday. What’s the difference? Well an Estate Sale is generally everything but the kitchen sink, while a Garage Sale is a bunch of stuff that folks are cleaning out of their house.

At an Estate Sale, I am more likely to purchase furniture, plants, interesting jewelry, sets of dishes, or artwork. At a garage sale, I generally pick up games, books, props for storytelling, and even the odd piece of Tupperware. Once I found a foam cowboy hat that was 3 feet across. It was wonderful to wear when reading Don’t Touch My Hat by James Rumford. Could be fun with the Lyle Lovett song of the same name! Definitely worth the #1 price tag.

games  This summer, I am concentrating on purchasing word games such as Scrabble and Boggle for use in my school library. I am hoping to start a Scrabble club with my students. I’ve picked up 5 games so far for $1 – $2 apiece. I learned a valuable lesson a couple of weeks ago. Always ask for the item that you are looking for. In one case, there was so much stuff, that I overlooked not 1, but 2 Scrabble games. At another sale, I asked and was told no, but the seller asked me what I wanted them for. It turns out she is a former teacher and had several bins of things that she could not decide to part with. When she found out where I teach, she took me inside and I racked up. $5 for several sets of letter tiles, magnetic letters, and, matching games.


You never know what treasure you are going to find. At an Estate Sale last year, I picked up a few craft items. When the seller saw me with them, he sent me out back to the “craft shed.” It was packed to the gills with craft items, many of which had never been used. I got all of the items you see pictured here as well as tons of beads and papers that I took to school. My students love to do crafts to go with the books that we read. Just the rotary cutter and the mat were worth more than the $20 that I spent.

So now I am off to another of my favorite places to shop, the Habitat Store. I am looking for some tiles to turn into large Scrabble pieces. Do you see a theme coming together for my school library?