St. Patrick’s Day Meal


corned beefCorned beef, cabbage, new potatoes, carrots, and Irish soda bread make a most filling and traditional St. Paddy’s Day dinner. As I prepared this traditional fair, I was reminded of my childhood and the many parties that were held in the neighborhood. My mom always hosted a wonderful New Year’s Eve party. I remember the food -ham biscuits and Meeting Street crab were staples. I also remember that mom would serve Irish coffee after midnight to sober up the guests! Flaming alcohol in sugar rimmed cups with coffee somehow doesn’t seem like the best way to sober up your guests.  So what does New Year’s Eve have to do with St. Patrick’s day? I have very fond memories of one neighbor, “Miss Sally,” who played the piano every New Year’s Eve. Miss Sally was Irish Catholic and so was her husband, Martin. Once Auld Lang Syne had been sung at midnight, they would head on into the Irish Ballads. My favorite was When Irish Eyes Were Smiling. Miss Sally hosted the annual St. Patrick’s Day party. This was in the days before raucous green beer parties were the vogue and she always served a traditional Irish meal. Mom learned to cook this meal from her and I learned by watching my mom. This year I made the whole meal and we devoured it! Now, if I only liked coffee…I wouldn’t mind flaming some Irish Whiskey!


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