On Growing Old…


About a year ago, I felt compelled to purchase a pill case. You know, the kind with a compartment for each day of the week. At the time I joked around with friends that this was a milestone in my life and that I was now officially old! I really hadn’t thought much about it again until about a month ago when I realized that I needed a larger one! My eye doctor had recommended an additional supplement – flaxseed oil – and they are HUGE! I found a new pill case (one that even a blind person could read) and, once again, thought about the fact that I was getting old! Well, today I embarked on a new venture with a friend. We joined the Senior Citizens Center. I have been tossing out the AARP requests, but the Senior Citizen Center seems to be the perfect place to exercise and take a few classes. I signed up for Art Journaling and Zumba. I sure hope I can keep up with the other “old folks” in Zumba. That would be truly embarrassing if I am not able! I guess the next thing will be the pill case that has a compartment for each time of the day. As my grandaddy used to say, “the alternative (to growing old) is not good.” So I guess I will continue to celebrate each day that my name is not in the newspaper’s obituaries. Here’s to growing old!



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