J.K. Rowling – Stick to YA, please…


Harry Potter is one of my favorite series of all time. The writing is superb, the storyline is exciting, the characters are well-developed, and the use of language is extraordinary. Knowing the series was over depressed me. Having shared every book and every movie (at 12:01 am on the release date) with my boys, I was saddened to see it all come to an end. You can imagine my excitement when I saw A Casual Vacancy, Rowlings new novel for adults. My son gave me a copy for Christmas since he, too, was excited. I finally delved into it a couple of days ago and I am dissappointed. I am finding it difficult to keep track of the characters, except for the one that dropped dead at the beginning. The storyline is confusing. I do feel it coming together, but I am halfway through the book. This one probably would go unfinished if it were not a gift and that is very unusual for me.

I really think J.K. Rowling needs to stick with Young Adult fiction. That is certainly her forte. Even in this book, the teenagers are of more interest to me than the adults. I think Dumbledore would agree with me on this one!


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  1. I’m nearing the last 1/4 of the book and I still think the teenagers are the best characters. The story has become a bit more compelling, but it shouldn’t take me over 1/2 of the book to become engaged. I’d be finished if I could just stay awake and quit dropping the book on the floor and losing my place. That’s what I get for doing most of my reading at night before bed:)

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